Make 100 a day with CB Pasive Income – Who’s Behind This System?

You know, I always believe it’s essential to know a bit about the maker of a product primarily when they claim to be specialists in their fields, this was the reason I thought I’d do a quick post to give you a little background on the founder of the CB Passive Income system.

If you’ve already heard of it and haven’t made a decision that’s great because after going through this blog review you’ll know whether this is appropriate for you. If this’s your first time hearing of this it will be a great journey, I’ll briefly explain all you have to know.

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Patrick Chan


Patric Chan is an online marketing specialist that has earned millions of dollars on the internet. And the thing about it is that he’s been doing this for years!
His training courses have helped thousands of newbies achieved financial freedom. After finding the formula to online success, he’s now an online marketing expert.

Patrick and his training course has made a ton of marketers mostly newbies to make more wage from home than what they make at a decent full time job. The CB Passive Income system found by Patrick has been around for years and it has helped newbies succeed time and time again.



Patrick is a well known marketer for his great work and has achieved quite a lot. he’s a:

ClickBank Super Affiliate Platinum Partner                                                            Co-Organizer of ClickBank Asia

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Patrick Chan at ClickBank Asia in 2015


make money fast

ClickBank Platinum Partner award









And he’s also the co-author of the best selling book Clicking Cash with New York times best selling author Robert Allen.

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Co-author of Clicking Cash


He started using ClickBank as an affiliate to make money online since 2002, he was recognize by ClickBank and became co-organizer where he was invited to speak at the event training others on how to make money online.

Base on my observation and with all his training I’m quite pleased, his teaching is pretty simple yet powerful and very detailed, most of all gets straight to the point. I can actually say this guy appears to continuously be one step ahead of the competition and his systems are top notch with intensive proof of financial gain.

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