About me

Hey, thanks for checking out my website, for those who have an interest in who am I, just thought I’d share some of my personal online marketing stories quickly.

That’s me 

My name is Oshane Nelson and I’ve been involved in online marketing for up to 4 years now and it truly has been an extended and exhausting journey. I remember when I first got started online with Pay-To-Click, these are websites that pay for watching ads, I was truly astonished and excited that I might really get paid for simply watching ads, I’ve clicked for days, weeks, months and attained nothing excepted pennies,  yes I know this sound ridiculous, you might be wondering why would anyone spend so much time on something that pays peanuts, I agree that it’s ridiculous but we all had some funny story at first, for me at that time all I care about was to say “YES making money online is REAL”!.

When it was finally time for withdrawal it only turned out to be a dirty scam, I’ve waited for weeks and months upon months sending help support tickets and got no reply. Yes, some were legitimate and I got paid while on the other hand, some weren’t and I end up scammed, this was when I discovered that making money online was possible but I had to be very careful. I’ve been scammed multiple times not only from PTC sites but from all other types of money making schemes and push button gimmicks that guarantee you the world and never fulfill those promises.

Through all those hardships and disappointments it had helped me to become wiser, smarter and to know what was working and what wasn’t. I did a lot of research and stumbled upon quite a few things, at that time I really didn’t know what to choose so I decided to just give them all a try and see what I would be comfortable with. I then came across something known as affiliate marketing this is where you get paid a commission for promoting someone else product, this was where I made my very first sale and was really excited.

That brings us to this site, so why did I create this website in the first place anyway, well in these hard economic times thing has changed tremendously. For me, price tags on items, services, and resources have increased while my pay remains the same, not only that but I’m not happy with my job and I’ve always dreamed of finding a way about how to make extra money online which brings forth the birth of the site. I decided to put together a comprehensive review of some of the most powerful money making systems that completely over-delivers, I really hope that this would be of great help for you… as you probably already figured out I’m very passionate about online marketing and hearing about others success…

To your success,