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8 Proven Ways to Make Up To $10 per Day Online

  Gone are the days when you have to take up a 9 to 5 job before you can make money. Gone are the days when you must travel through traffic every morning on your way to a job that pays you far less than what you are worth.  Gone are the days when you have to make do with just one source of income and then wallow in debt helplessly because your 9 to 5 jobs keep you too busy to have time for other profitable opportunities. These days, you can make a lot of money by working online in the comfort of your home.

In this write-up, you will be taught about the various ways to make a minimum of $10 per day. $10 a day may not be sufficient to pay all your bills, but having it as a second source of income can go a long way. You can equally multiply the process and increase your earnings from $10 a day to something more. Also, you can combine many of the opportunities discussed below, and you may successfully earn up to $100 per day from them if you play your card game right.

I must warn you ahead that you may not be able to make up to $10 from some of the methods described or you may not even make anything out of them if you do not take the actions required to make money on the platforms. However, many people have given testimonies that they make a lot of money from them. What works for Joe may not work for Jane.  You too can make money from any of them if you have the required skills.

Continue reading to find to about these money making methods


You will be given up to $5 for everyone you invite to join Ebates, provide the invited person buys items worth $25 minimum.  You equally stand a chance of making money quarterly if you invite more people. They offer $10 gift card for a limited period. You automatically qualify to earn from referral once you purchase the platform.


This platform pays you $10 after you have brought two people into the program, provided the two people you invite can redeem their first rebate within just two weeks of registering them.  The amount you can earn from this platform is limitless; it depends on the number of people you can invite and provided those invited people take the required actions.  The cash you earn here may not be much, but it can stand in for you during emergencies. It can also pay the bills during holiday shopping.   They can equally give you and your friends a $10 bonus when you are redeeming your first rebates.


You will come by a host of writing jobs on this platform. People who need search engine optimized contents and various writing tasks do post their jobs here for top quality writers to earn money. You can earn up to $19 per hour from this platform if you are good at writing.  After writing and submitting the article you have picked, you will need to wait for some days before the article is approved; approval time varies, deepening on the person that posted the job. You will only be paid if the article you have submitted is approved. They pay their writers via direct deposit or PayPal on a weekly basis.


This platform is similar to Clickworker a great deal. It is a crowdsourcing platform where many people are involved in completing various segments of a big task or project.  Clickworker only has to do with writing, but mTurk contains various tasks, like surveys, transcriptions, writings and so on.  Many of the projects here only pay pennies, but they are easy to do, and the money can add up over time. The jobs are already listed on the platform; just log in and pick anyone that you feel you can handle.


On this platform, you can set up a Seller profile easily and then offer small gigs at $5 per gig. You will need time to build a reputable profile here as most people looking for sellers here will only employ someone with some positive reviews.  It is advisable to complete at least three gigs per day on this platform so that you can make up to $10 a day since PayPal and Fiverr will deduct a fee from every completed gig.  You can also increase how much you make per gig if you included additional values like speedy delivery.


You can call this platform a content mill, and you will not be far from the truth.  Individuals that need someone to write articles for them come here to post such articles, and the registered writers on the platform write the articles on a first come first served basis. This platform works just like Clickworker. The writer submits the written content and waits for the Client to review the content. The writer will be paid if the article is approved or will not be paid if the article is rejected.  The rating of the writer increases as he delivers consistently approved contents. The amount a writer can earn per article depends on his or her rating.


You will earn Swagbucks or SB on this platform when you shop online, watch a video or complete survey on the platform.  The activity you choose determines how much you can earn from this platform per day. You can also increase how much you earn from this platform by inviting your friends to join the program. You will be paid 10% of what your referrals earn for a lifetime. They equally give you a $5 bonus for registering on the platform.


This platform is the best for those who have large followership on social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on.  You are given the freedom to set your rate for social media campaigns.  The amount you can make from this platform depends on your popularity on social media.


There you have it; 8 ways to make money online right from the comfort of your home! Aside from the ones that involve writing, you can benefit from the opportunities provided above via your mobile device. Just register and start making money. However, the amount you can make per day depends on your activities on these platforms and how many hours you dedicate to the platforms.