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How To Receive Free Bitcoin Easily?

Bitcoins are one of those things, who has spread across internet like some wildfire. The most popular form of crypto – currency, Bitcoin has tonnes of investors and huge amount of money flow. This Bitcoin has gained large monetary value, which currently resides around 8 thousand American dollars per piece.

Hence, there are many people who are involved in Bitcoin industry. There are different ways of earning Bitcoins, either by investing or mining. But can you get free Bitcoin? Does any service actually provides Bitcoins without any money? How

do they manage it? Let’s find out more.

Earning Bitcoin:

Few services claim to provide Bitcoins for free. There are different methods implemented by such websites. Few of them are discussed here,

Investments –

  • Few services provide a systematic investment plan for Bitcoin trading.
  • These services will ask you to invest in them, who will in turn, invest in the Bitcoin market.
  • They are experienced people, who have been working in the stock and crypto – currency market and hence, they know how to handle this virtual money.
  • With your investment, they will earn more returns and share a portion of it with you.
  • After a small period, you will earn the invested amount and henceforth everything you earn can be effectively termed as free Bitcoin.

free bitcoin


  • Some online portals, have introduced general games to be played using the virtual money.
  • These games are typically related to gambling, like poker.
  • They rely heavily on your luck. Once registered with your Bitcoin wallet, you can play these games, which are frequently free, but sometimes request a nominal registration fee.
  • Play the games like poker and roulette, and earn Bitcoins for free.

Lucky Draws and Lottery:

  • There are number such small activities, which will enable you to try and win Bitcoins.
  • Some apps and websites claim a lottery every hour, in which everyone with a Bitcoin wallet is free to join.
  • Like a standard lottery service, you chip in a small amount of money, and one lucky winner can claim all the Bitcoins for free.

These services do provide free Bitcoin, but it doesn’t escape the suspicion of fraud activities. Many of those are perfectly valid services, who just use gambling techniques to provide the Bitcoins, but some of them might turn out to be illegal.