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Benefits of performing quality control in an organization

What we all look for in a product or service is its quality. There is a dedicated department in organizations that take care to see that the products produced are of high quality. This is also outsourced these days to people like manufacturing sourcing agent. Their role cannot be stressed enough. The following tells out how important quality control is.

  • Effective utilization of resources: With the help of quality control, the resources of the organization can be put to good use. Resources are procured in bulk by another department. Even though it is carried out after planning there might be situations when resources are unutilized or underutilized. This leads to the wastage of resources. This is avoided when monitoring is done through the quality control department. They can identify wastages and let know to the management how they can be rectified. The role of the department is very important in any manufacturing industry.
  • Consumer satisfaction: By maintaining quality, the company is able to satisfy the customers. The quality control department takes notice of any discrepancies in the products soon after production so that any correction can be taken before the product reaches the ultimate consumer. They notify the production department of what went wrong so that corrective action can be taken.

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  • Quality consciousness: The department is solely entrusted with the job of maintaining quality in the output of the company. Their role is to instill quality consciousness among the staff of the organization. The staff is collectively able to work towards producing better quality products.
  • Production cost is reduced: The department helps in reducing the production cost. By limiting the wastages, the production cost can be considerably reduced. They conduct regular inspections and identify faults then and there. Immediate correction is made possible before the bulk output becomes unsuitable.
  • Build a good image: When consistently your company is able to produce quality products, it leads to building your goodwill. With a good image, it is easier to attract more buyers. Others who are associated with your business like the financial institutions also get a good image about you resulting in better opportunities when you approach for loans.
  • Improves employee relationship with employer: When the employees produce quality products with no wastage, the company is more than happy. This will improve their relationship with the employees. They are rewarded with better remuneration. All this is due to the efforts of the quality control department.