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Everything You Need to Know About the Work Injury Compensation Act

Do you have a business with manual labor employees and non-manual workers earning S$2,600 or less every month? Then you must purchase a Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) Insurance for them. It’s better to keep them protected from financial problems if they get injured or suffer an illness due to work. Regardless of the salary level, all employees are covered under this insurance policy. So if you’re searching for this type of insurance plan for your workers, there is no need to worry because WICA insurance can be very affordable. Check out G&M today for a customised quote.

 Understanding the Work Injury Compensation Act

If you’re looking to protect your workers, especially if your business is on the hard labor side, then WICA insurance is the best choice. This policy covers all employees, and it allows them to file a claim for work-related injuries and diseases. At the same time, they don’t need to file for a civil lawsuit under common law. So in a way, this insurance policy is protecting you too. Compared to common law, it’s a low-cost and much quicker alternative to settle compensation claims. Additionally, workers don’t need to get a lawyer since they can file as long as they make a valid claim.

The Key Areas of Coverage or What Workers Can Claim

The WICA Insurance has several areas of coverage. They can file a claim if the reason is valid and it happened while they were at work. These coverages are medical leave wages, medical expenses, permanent incapacity or death, Covid-19 if contracted while carrying out work duties, and compensation for switching to lighter responsibilities due to the injuries they got from work. If you care about the health and safety of your workers, it’s best to purchase WICA insurance for them to make them more efficient. At the same time, it raises morale because they know that you care about their work situation.

The Process of Filing a Claim

Employers will need to pay the employees’ medical leave wages and medical expenses. It has to be related to work accidents, and it has to be a valid claim. If your employee faces fatal accidents, you need to contact the Ministry of Manpower immediately and submit an accident report within ten days of the accident. For non-fatal accidents, you need to present an accident report within ten days. Once you follow these steps, MOM will send you a medical report form. You need to send it to the hospital or clinic, and you will send the completed medical report back to MOM. After that, you’ll receive a notice of assessment to know the compensation amount.